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Online business solutions based on the implementation and expansion of businesses in internet by web design, online store design, SEO and digital marketing in Saniyasoft.


Online Business Solutions

Implement and expand businesses in Internet.

About Saniyasoft

Saniyasoft is a web-based software company. Starting an online business is our specialty.

Use of modern technology in Web design, online store design, SEO and digital marketing.

We have a specialty in that specialty for more than four years.

  • Cooperation with banks and petrochemicals.
  • Cooperation with reputable domestic and foreign companies.
  • Collaboration with prominent brands such as Sandcloud.
Saniyasoft Web Design, Online Store Design, SEO, Digital Marketing

According to the current world standards and with experience from the Iranian business environment, Saniyasoft designed the site in different plans.

So that all individuals or legal entities can benefit from these services and we will fulfill their wishes.

Therefore, we have divided them into different categories, which include cheap web design, custom web design, and custom site design.

Setting up an online store by considering all the necessary standards and adding the requirements of e-commerce to progress in a competitive environment is one of the considerations in designing an online store.

These measures are presented in different plans so that all businesses can benefit from Saniyasoft services.

The use of professional and up-to-date infrastructure along with the use of superior technologies in this field is one of our achievements.


Search engine optimization is one of the most popular and widely used methods today by Saniyasoft digital marketing team.

SEO has increased visits to services and products, and through this you can introduce your services and sell products.

By optimizing your website, it will be displayed on the first page of Google with a specific keyword, which is very economical compared to its similar case, ie advertising on Google.

Digital Marketing

One of the spaces to grow and achieve success is to use the capabilities of the Internet for your business.

We will design and implement the best methods for your business to increase the speed of achieving the demands and reduce the costs with purposeful planning.

Among our activities in digital marketing, Saniyasoft is an advertisement in the top and most visited news sites in the country.

Also use a variety of click-through, targeted, banner and other methods for which the business is designed and implemented.

Technologies Used

Website design and design of Saniyasoft online store

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